First and foremost, we understand that the bottom line in business is important. That is why we help companies strategize and manage their people and talent functions, allowing CEOs to focus on their most important task- achieving revenue targets. From bootstrapped startups to publicly traded Fortune companies, Bedford HR has partnered with organizations to develop HR strategies, policies and processes that are scalable and promote long-term success. Our HR Consulting practice focuses around these three areas: HR for Startups, Organizational Infrastructure, and Learning & Development. We help ensure that your human capital remains a competitive advantage in the workplace by providing training and leadership development, implementing robust total rewards programs, and developing clear workplace policies that minimize legal impact, liability and/or risk. Bedford HR operates on the principle of providing world class service and, in turn, our clients choose us as their TRUSTED BUSINESS PARTNERS to assist with these critical efforts.




Expectations of the HR function have been elevated by boards and senior leaders, requiring organizations to be nimble and proactive to meet these standards. HR leaders who can bring creative, leading edge solutions, while balancing business specific requirements will be valued contributors to the executive suite. Standing at the intersection of strategy and execution, the HUMAN RESOURCES (HR) executive of today anticipates the business needs of tomorrow in order to drive the organization’s objectives through the DEVELOPMENT and GROWTH of the company. At Bedford Executive Search and Consulting, we help leaders identify, develop, and implement solutions to build human capital strategies that align to the needs of the business. From leadership development and coaching, to global expansion, compensation strategies, training and development, policy and compliance, our team has the breadth and knowledge to make a difference and provide our clients with world-class business solutions.

Bedford Executive Search and Consulting operates on this principle of world class service and, in turn, our clients choose us as their TRUSTED BUSINESS PARTNERS to assist with these critical efforts.



When you’re just starting out, there are so many things that need to get done. And sometimes you may not have the full resources or the time to be able to get to them all. At Bedford HR, we believe in letting you focus on what you need to do today in order to show the growth you want tomorrow.

Your HR INFRASTRUCTURE is essential for your company’s success. We will develop a scalable HR strategy that will allow you to manage growth successfully, attract and retain top talent, motivate employees, minimize risk, and satisfy legal and regulatory requirements.

By assisting startups with their HR initiatives, our clients can focus on the day-to-day operational activities of their business while we focus on their human capital activities. Through our startup HR consulting practice, we develop HR strategies and processes that promote long-term success and are scalable and allow for growth, identify key hiring areas, implement scalable total rewards programs, provide training and leadership development, and develop clear workplace policies in line with legal requirements (both local and federal), thereby mitigating risk and liability.

We offer three solutions to our clients: Inception & Discovery (0-75 employees), Growth & Validation (75-200 employees), and Sustained Growth & Scalability (+200 employees). All solutions are completely customized to our client’s needs. As your company grows or changes, we adapt to meet your needs.


Starting with STRATEGIC PLANNING, Bedford HR believes that every company’s future depends upon an HR strategy and a corporate culture that aligns with a flexibly structured, strategic business plan. The right HR strategy, when combined with a culture that promotes the best way of working, produces shared vision that generates value for the business. When everyone – from the board to the executives to the individual contributors – is operating from the same playbook, they are a powerful force for accomplishing business goals. Equally important is having a robust and competitive

TOTAL REWARDS STRUCTURE in place to attract and retain “best in class” talent. Bedford HR handles all types of compensation and benefits for executives and board and we conduct benchmark studies, and manage stock programs and incentive plans. Additionally, we offer expertise on the following compensation services: custom surveys, perquisites, termination benefits, severance pay, parachutes, sales compensation, global benchmarking and ex-pat/in-pat benchmarking.

HR TECHNOLOGY is critical in streamlining processes and procedures across your organization. Having important metrics at your fingertips is critical in helping you make informed decisions and transforming your HR intelligence into actionable data. At Bedford HR, we can help your organization evaluate its needs to match you with the right HRIS or ATS, such as iCIMS, Taleo, SAP, PeopleSoft and Jobvite. We can also assist with the installation and implementation.


At Bedford HR, we believe that learning is a continual process that moves your organization forward, providing you with a competitive advantage over those companies who do not believe in or foster an environment of development. Our L&D practice area focuses on designing and delivering strategies that are transformative, cutting edge and tailored to the needs of your organization.

From HR teams to management and the executive suite, Bedford HR’s programs will improve upon your organization’s agility, scalability and productivity. Our programs will help your company create a global HR organization than can address needs such as management training, interview training, leadership development, executive coaching, conflict resolution, active listening, and performance management.

A large body of our work focuses on preparing organizations for long-term success, cultivating leadership from within and uncovering hidden talent. Globalization, the demand for skilled talent, and rapidly evolving technologies require organizations to focus on executive coaching and developing high-potential employees into leaders. This is why Bedford HR provides tailored leadership coaching programs for individual executives and groups that align with an organization’s performance management systems and succession planning models. We help current and future leaders identify their strengths and developmental areas, and evaluate how they can meet their organization’s strategic needs and challenges.